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” I’m Message  Mon, AKA Jimi James. After a spiritual experience on a mountain top and a kinky encounter between O.J. Simpson and my siblings twenty years ago, my life changed and I discovered  my PURPOSE. The stories I tell are true, and  the magic I share is real. I’ve held these stories in for a long time but since it was blasted all over the airwaves on national television, it’s time I reveal himself.

Being thrown under the bus on CBS FACE THE TRUTH buy my siblings and four babes on a talk show wasn’t what I had in mind when I answered a craigslist ad. All I wanted was a recording of my siblings together like my parents visioned. After a lashing on national television brought sensitive subjects to public eye I will rebuttal with amazing TRUE stories.

I founded Flock Of Angels  in 1999 as a sister organization to the Nicole Brown Simpson Foundation. After the Brown Foundation closed operations, FOA continued as a virtual angel network supporting victims and families of violence.

Discover the magic of water and it’s many esoteric behaviors. We are 70 – 80 percent water so this is information valuable to every human, and their pets and plants. I promise you, understanding the magic of water will lead to healing in your life. When you BELIEVE … EXPECT A MIRACLE.